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Daniel E Goodman

Mr. Goodman attended undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana and earned a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts.

Mr. Goodman then attended Depaul Law School in Chicago and earned a doctorate in Juris Prudence. While attending Law School, Mr. Goodman clerked for the Illinois States Attorney’s Office, the United States Department of Justice organized crime strike force, and for the Civil Division of the United States Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Goodman was admitted to the Illinois Bar on February 4th, 1986. Since Mr. Goodman’s admission to the bar he has handled nothing but personal injury claims which arise out of motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle collisions, slip and falls, products liabilty and medical negligence. Mr. Goodman has handled in excess of 2500 personal injury cases in his career, of these cases, many have been settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit. Those cases that cannot not be settled prior to filing suit are litigated by Mr. Goodman in the Court system, to verdict when necessary. The vast majority of cases which Mr. Goodman has handled have been settled without trial.

Mr. Goodman is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Mr. Goodman is married and has two adult children, a daughter and a son. His hobbies are horse back riding and motorcyles.

Mr. Goodman’s philosophy is that each client is important. He is diligent and aggressive in the pursuit of each and every case he handles no matter how big or small. He communicates with his clients regularly to determine the status of their medical condition and of the status of their treatment. He then acquires the records as quickly as possible and forwards them to the insurance adjusters. Shortly thereafter, he contacts the adjuster in an effort to settle the case. If the case settles, Mr. Goodman acquires releases and checks and the case is then over.

For those cases which can not be settled, Mr. Goodman files a complaint and then tenaciously pursues discovery to bring the case to a close, again as quickly as possible.

Mr. Goodman will not settle a case until a fair and reasonable offer is made. If no such offer is ever forthcoming, Mr. Goodman will try your case to verdict.

In short, Mr. Goodman is an aggressive and experienced attorney who will do all possible to maximize his clients recovery.

Some examples of compensation Mr. Goodman has obtained for his clients areas follows:

· 6,500,000 Motorcycle Accident

· 2,300,000 Constuction Accident

· 2,000,000 Truck vs Auto

· 2,000,000 Truck vs. Pedestrian

· 1,750,000 CTA Bus vs. Pedestrian

· 1,000,000 Truck vs. Pedestrian

· 1,000,000 Motorcycle Accident

· 825,000 Medical Malpractice

· 475,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

· 600,000 Ski Injury

· 325,000 Car Collision

· 375,000 Wrongful Death (liability disputed)

· 300,000 Car Collision

· 300,000 Slip & Fall

· 167,500 Dog Bite

· 285,000 Motorcycle Accident

· 250,000 Motorcycle Accident

· 250,000 Slip & Fall

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