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Products Liability

When you think of a personal injury lawyer in Illinois, you likely don’t think of product liability. However, it is important that both manufacturers and sellers take responsibility for the quality of the products they are putting into the hands of their consumers. In the case of an injury obtained from a defective product, the individual may be entitled to receive compensation. This is where the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC can step in and fight for your legal rights.

What is Products Liability?

Product liability is the idea that manufacturers and sellers are liable if a defect occurs to a product and it ends up in the hands of a consumer. According to the law, the product needs to meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer, and if the product has an unexpected danger or defect, this is considered product liability. All sellers that are part of the distribution chain are held responsible for the product.


Typically, product liability cases are based on state laws and they revolve around the theories of negligence, strict liability or a breach of warranty.

What Parties are Responsible?

There is a chain of responsible parties when it comes to product liability, including the manufacturer of the product, the manufacturer of the parts of the product, the party that assembles the product, the wholesaler and the retail store that sold the product.

Types of Product Defects

In order for a product liability case to be successful, the plaintiff needs to prove that the injury obtained was due to a defective product. The defect needs to have made the product unreasonably dangerous. Our personal injury lawyer in Illinois can help prove that the product caused your injury.

The three types of defects include:

  • Design defects: These defects must be present in the product from the beginning, including before it was manufactured, as it shows that the product is inherently unsafe.
  • Manufacturing defects: This type of defect takes place inside of the product’s assembly.
  • Marketing defects: If the product is not marketed in the right way, including false labeling, misleading or insufficient instructions, or inadequate safety warnings.

Seeking Legal Help

If you think you have been a victim of a defective product, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyer in Illinois. Daniel Goodman and his team have the experience you need to help navigate this stressful time. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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