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Bus Accidents

Millions of people use buses and public transportation each and every day to get them to where they need to go. Without question, public transportation is one of our nation’s greatest public conveniences.  Even though public transportation is generally safe, each year thousands of people are injured in accidents involving buses, including school buses.

Did you know that, under the law, the companies and transportation systems that comprise public transportation are called “common carriers”? Common carriers include trains and buses (if you live in Chicago, you know them as the CTA) and the numerous taxi services across your area. Common carriers also include commuter ferries (you may have ridden on one of Chicago’s water taxis on an architectural tour). Some states even consider ski lifts a common carrier.

No matter what the mode of transportation, common carriers are held to higher standards because they transport so many people. Throughout our years of working with clients across Illinois, The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC has represented clients injured in accidents involving large public transportation vehicles—particularly buses, over the years ranging from clients that were pedestrians being struck by buses, buses striking vehicles injuring the driver of the vehicle and/or their passengers and passengers on buses injured in accidents or injured by the bus company and or the driver failing to provide adequate security or failing to maintain the bus creating an unsafe situation for passengers such as:

  • There is a lack of security to address someone being hurt.
  • The mechanical systems of a bus (e.g., its brakes) either failed or were in poor condition.
  • A driver did not go through enough training for particularly hazardous conditions.
  • A driver did not use proper judgment or was impaired on the job.


The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC and their lawyers are experienced in representing clients injured on buses in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We review the facts of the accident, interview the client, witnesses and those involved in the accident and responsible for the safety of the passengers.

The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC takes immediate action to help our clients obtain full and fair compensation for any injuries they have suffered on a bus. Our team of experienced, aggressive lawyers are able to handle all the facets of your bus injury case with personal attention, empathy, and skill.

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