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Dan Goodman Law treated me fantastically since the first day I walked in their office. I was injured in a car accident and Dan and his firm went above and beyond to help me get proper medical attention and get compensated accordingly. I would recommend Dan and his team to anyone seeking legal advice. Dan took my case on personally and did a great job! I appreciate all your help. 

– Anthony V.

I was involved in a server car accident. It happened on 11/11/11 making the particular day to be the luckiest and most unlucky for me. It was lucky because I survived, and unlucky because I suffered multi-injuries. I didn’t know where to receive legal help until a friend recommended Mr. Daniel E Goodman.

After surgery and the on-going rehab, Mr. Goodman and his legal team were always there to help in family like way! It took only two years to finally win my case against a well known insurance company. Mr. Goodman did a superb and difficult job to prove evidence which was on my side, while the opposition tried neglecting and flipping the truth during depositions.

I really would like to thank Mr. Goodman, Scott Spiegel, Emily Reese, Mrs. Redd, and Joe, including the rest of the staff. I would highly recommend Mr. Goodman to anyone that needs a professional attorney.

– Wanda B.

When I broke my leg in February 2011 at the apartment complex where I live, I had non idea what i would do. I didn’t have a job and i didn’t have any health insurance.

I called a friend and he suggested that I take photos of the area where I fell, believe it or not I didn’t even think of that. When family came over later that day I had one of them take the pictures. I am very trusting and thought the management company would do the right thing. They do not take the pictures.

I still didn’t know what to do. It turned out that I fractured my ankle in four places and required surgery. The people who managed the apartment were suddenly avoiding me and did not even offer to walk my dog; they didn’t care about me at all. That’s when I decided I needed to call an attorney. Since I couldn’t even get to my desk where my computer was I looked in the Yellow Pages and that is where i found Attorney Dan Goodman.

Mr. Goodman sent a Town Car to pick me up to bring me to his office and to bring me back home. I sent him the pictures I had via email. It was so easy and he handled the rest. Mr. Goodman settled my case inside a year of the accident. We didn’t even have to go to court, although if needed we were both willing.

Dan Goodman got me an excellent settlement and even lowered my very expensive, medical bills. The settlement allowed me to pay back my family who had been loaning me money and pay off my credit cards which I had to use during that very difficult time. I now also have a large amount of money in my savings account.

I HIGHLY recommend you call Dan Goodman, Attorney at Law if you have any kind of an accident. I know that I will contact him again if I ever have the need.

– Trish F. – Oak Park, IL

I was injured by a forklift on July 28, 2012. I suffered severe injuries including a herniated disk and torn meniscus. I was informed it would be best for me to contact a lawyer.. I looked through the phone book and found Dan Goodman. When I called the office they were very polite and sympathetic to my condition. The consultation was very clear and I was able to understand the whole process. The defendant in the case refused to answer calls from Dan for almost a year. Then he filed suit. During this time I had no problem contacting the office and as silly as some of the questions I had asked, they were all answered. I also had contacts with Mariya, she was always pleasant and would answer all questions that she could help with. I have never called without a callback. I felt as though I was the only client. When the case was offered to settle, Dan was very thorough. He knew what we should settle for and fought for it. He asked me on several occasions if I was sure I wanted to settle. He was not afraid to take this to trial. I settled my case for a significant amount of money. Even though there is nothing that can make up for my three times on the operating table, I believe I received a fair settlement. Even after the case is done, Dan has no problem answering questions and taking phone calls from me. I will be recommending anyone who needs a lawyer to Dan Goodman.

– Harold T.

My name is Christopher Colsant, and not only am I a client of the Law Offices of Daniel Goodman, but an advocate of how amazing of a law firm this is and will continue to be for many years to come.

I worked with Attorney Daniel Flaherty on a case where I was not only the victim, but had no clue where to begin the litigation process. I phoned their offices out of Chicago, where everyone who I spoke with was an absolute delight, but also was also made to feel special. The way a business should operate! That feeling you get like you’re visiting Olive Garden…family! Daniel not only came to consult me, I felt like he was consoling me in the losses I endured. We began the litigation process and it was smooth sailing from there. Cost wasn’t even discussed as he spent countless hours handling any and all questions I continuously posed, but handled everything with pure professionalism. Aside from that, upon visiting their law offices, the beauty from the staff and ambiance that radiated out of Rosemont was overwhelming. If I were a critic for Rolling Stone magazine, all I would say is two words, “A-Mazing”.

– Christopher C. – Plainfield, IL

I must say that Daniel Goodman and Associates staff have treated me well. My case was long and difficult (in my eyes) and at every turn or wall we hit, this team was ready! Thank you Gary for the attention to detail and for being on top of everything. Gary really made me feel comfortable from day 1. Coming to my job to accommodate me, and making me feel like I “AM” important. He was an awesome lawyer and then the gears has shown himself to be an all around “great guy”.

Thank you also to Michell, the behind the scenes multi-tasker, make it happen, call me all the time, answer all my questions, and even comfort me, paralegal from heaven! If Gary was or wasn’t available I always felt comfortable talking with Michelle. I truly appreciate you! From just the kind words, or suggestions it all helped me through. I would recommend Daniel Goodman and Associates to anyone who wants to be treated fairly and really the experience for me has exceeded my expectations! This firm has gone above and beyond for me and my family! Your work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

– Nicole W. – Evanston, IL

In May of 20123 at a school function for my grandchildren, I fell down the bleachers due to a faulty railing. After much doctoring and therapy I needed surgery on my shoulder. To my surprise when the insurance companies realized this was an accident, they wanted reimbursement from the responsible parties. I then started searching for legal council on how to handle this situation. Thankfully I found Daniel Goodman’s Law Firm in the Yellow Pages.

I called and scheduled an appointment. They were able to see me quickly, just looking for information on how to handle the insurance companies because I never wanted my grandchildren to suffer any consequences from this. I am very thankful for Dan and his firm for making me understand what should be done. The whole experience with everyone in the office made me feel very comfortable regarding all that needed to be done. not only were all my bills paid, but I was able to add a nice sum of money to our retirement.

I can’t say enough about the thoroughness and professional of the Daniel Goodman Law Firm.

– Mary Jane M.

On August 19, 2008, I fell into a sewer behind my home and I was severely injured. I called several attorneys who did not want to take my case because they thought my case was insignificant, unimportant, or too small. However, when I called the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, he assured me that my case, my injuries, and my pain were very important. From that moment on, the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman was by my side, keeping me abreast of the details of my case and comforting me along every step of the way. There are many good lawyers, but there are few exceptional attorneys like those at the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman. The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman are truly compassionate and concerned about the well-being of the entire person. I was thoroughly pleased with the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

– Karen B. – Chicago, IL

I first met Mr. Goodman after receiving a letter from an insurance company stating that the statue of limitations was expiring on my claim regarding an auto accident. I had no knowledge of this time frame prior. Mr. Goodman helped me understand what was happening and listened carefully to my situation. He acted promptly on the case with my best interests at heart. I found his staff to be available when I called and informative. Along the way, Mr. Goodman informed me of the proceedings that were occurring. I am pleased to say that in my situation, everything that could be done has been. If anyone should ever be in a similar situation, I believe Mr. Goodman and his staff are there for you. They work hard and diligently for you, and provide the best legal advice that a person could ask for. I thank them for their time and efforts.

– Katrina P. – Palatine, IL

I engaged the services of Daniel Goodman and Associates for my claim for damages in respect of a dog bite.

I found this company to be most effective and efficient in pursuing my case and eventually I was very pleased with the favorable outcome.

On a personal note, I found Dan Goodman to be very pragmatic, straightforward, and sensible man who dealt with my concerns in a direct, positive, and helpful manner. Dan communicated in an easy, conversational style; he was reassuring in a confident, knowledgeable way, and was obviously concerned to build an effective, professional, working relationship. I felt very comfortable putting my concerns and my legal requirements into his hands.

I have no reservations whatever about recommending Dan Goodman’s company to anyone in need of personal, legal services.

– David B.

Approximately 21 years ago back in 1991, I suffered injuries in a severe car accident. I needed surgery and years of rehabilitation.Thanks to a family member also a lawyer whose recommendation brought Daniel Goodman to my hospital room. He was very devoted to me as a person as well as my case. He always took the time to keep me informed about the details of my case. He was always available to answer questions. He was very supportive and caring. I was his client, but he treated myself and my family like his own. We have used this firm, for other cases and everyone has been handled with great care. I have recommended Daniel Goodman and his law firm to many people whom have all thought they were exceptional. He is an amazing and phenomenal lawyer. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

– Verne A. – Alsip, IL

Approximately six years ago I was in a motorcycle accident. I visited several lawyers to see who would take my case, none of them wanted to take my case except for Daniel E. Goodman. In the accident I was hurt and needed surgery. As a result of all of the lost time from work I ended up losing my job along with my healthcare benefits. Eventually after the surgery and recovery period, I got a new job but was still left with a pile of medical bills. Even though it was a lengthy legal process of where the defendant passed away, Mr. Goodman made sure my medical bills were paid for. He also made sure that i got fairly compensated for the time I lost from work as a result of the surgery. I would personally recommend him to anybody needing legal assistance in a personal injury case.

– Michael G. – Chicago, IL

Hi. I was on my may home from work on 3/11/16. I was on my motorcycle. It was a nice day to get the bike out for the first time this year. I was sitting in traffic due to the light was red and it was also a train crossing. I was about 20 cars down when the car behind me rear ended me with force. I was taken to the hospital and a week later I had to have surgery following rehab, to.

Daniel E Goodman Office took my case. Daniel himself handled my case. He handled my case fast and efficiently. He kept me informed and checked in with me. He helped to get my medical bills reduced. He helped me to get a very nice settlement. His office was always professional and polite and efficient. If I ever in the future need a lawyer I would not hesitate to call Daniel Goodman Office again.

– Gil – O’hare

Mr. Goodman and his entire staff are very genuine and extremely helpful. I had a case with a local grocery store where I fell backwards on an unattended food pallet and tore a piece in my shoulder. Mr. Goodman found me doctors and surgeons to help get me fixed up. He found me physical therapists to help me strengthen my shoulder after the surgery. No matter how many times I called and no matter how many questions I asked everyone was always very patient and kind to me. Mr. Goodman was even good enough to me to recommend another lawyer for a separate personal matter I needed to pursue. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience and definitely recommend this firm to all who are looking for honest, helpful, patient, and pleasant to work with lawyers and staff.

– Ryan O. – Des Plaines, IL

Dan Goodman handled a case for my youngest child who was seriously injured. He was amazing! Dan always kept in touch with me to let me know how the case was going and explained everything to me every time I had a question. When we went to mediation to settle the case, it became clear to me that I had made the right decision in hiring Dan. He was very well prepared and it was clear he knew everything about my son’s injury. That told me that my son was important to him. He did an incredible job presenting the case, and obtained a settlement that was a victory for my son. I can not say enough great things about Dan Goodman and this firm. God forbid we ever need an attorney again for an injury, Dan will be the first person we call.

– Charlene S. – Glenview, IL

I contacted Dan to represent me in a personal injury case. I was very pleased with the service he gave me. Dan always found the time to speak to me when I called or quickly returned my calls. He always took the time to explain to me in detail about my case. Dan has a very professional yet personable manner about him. When it came time for Dan to represent me in the court, I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and his thorough preparation of my case. He is amazing in the court!!! As a result I was greatly satisfied with the settlement I received. I have continued to seek his counsel/advice in other matters. I would have highly recommended him to others. Thank you Dan for all your hard work!!!

– Danny D. – Hoffman Estates, IL

In May, 2009 I suffered a severe injury, a left humerus arm break. After a 6 month period with surgery on 12/09 and extensive physical therapy ending in 5/10, I decided to get in touch with the Law Office of Daniel Goodman. I knew the firm had an excellent reputation. I had a trip and fall at a shopping center, due to a faulty sidewalk.

Everyone i have dealt with at the firm has been exceptional, Mr. Daniel Goodman, Dan Flaherty and the staff.

My case went into mediation and my case was settled.

Dan Flaherty did an outstanding job on negotiating the settlement.

I would recommend the Law Office of Daniel Goodman to anyone who needs an attorney representation.

– Debra K. – Harwood Heights, IL

This is for anyone “God Forbid”, who finds themselves in need of an attorney. I would like to share my experience with “the Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman LLC”. I will start by saying what my husband describes as the Special Forces of Attorneys. A five star plus law firm who go the extra step and always give 100%. Right from the beginning we were treated with respect and compassion by everyone. They always returned our calls and answered all of our questions. We learned that our case would not be a very easy one to prove. Our attorney Gary W. Klages “The Best of the Best”, was against the biggest insurance company in the country. We won and I can’t say enough, just look no further.

– Jadwiga M. – Chicago, IL

I came to see Dan Goodman after being released from the hospital due to car accident. From the moment I spoke with Dan over the phone, he showed sympathy and true concern for my situation and medical issues arising out of that accident. Mr. Dan Goodman, kept me appraise of my case and made sure all my medical problems had attention and follow up with the proper doctors. I have nothing but praises for Dan, for all that he has done for me. He explained the process of the case, every step of the way. Hopefully, I will never need his assistance again , but if I do is great to know that is he there and that he truly cares about his clients. I will recommend Dan to anyone for all their legal needs.

– Odette S. – Elgin, IL

First I would like to thank all of you for such great service in my case. All my calls were answered, and I was given great advice on what to do.

Jack has such a wonderful demeanor with his clients, he explained to me and my wife what was the next steps to take in my case.

Shelly always made sure Jack got my messages she must be a great assistant.

Most important after my injury Daniel Goodman really helped me not to fear going to see the doctors and the test, I do have a fear of hospitals, he made me feel at ease, because he has been thru what I was feeling.

Thank you very much,
you have a great team here.

– Gerasim W.

I twisted my ankle in a parking lot at a very well known wholesale store. Went straight to the ER and was diagnosed with a 2nd degree sprained ankle. A co-worker talked to me about the law firm of Daniel E Goodman and after debating to get an attorney or not, I decided to call and came to see them. It was one of the best decisions. Since the first day I had received support and understanding from them especially my lawyer, Terry Lachcik. He always kept me informed about my case and not only I got my medical bills paid but also a good compensation for me. I will recommend them to anybody, anytime, any day. Thank you!

– Ketsy C. – Chicago, IL

I had an incident with a hospital here in Chicago, and had to seek legal representation once the hospital wanted me to pay for the bills I accrued. I called the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman one day and was told to come in to make my statement so that we could get started. They were my first and only call as I left the meeting confident in their ability to handle my issue. Not only did they prepare me for the journey ahead, they also assisted and took lead the whole time. All of my questions and requests to receive and update were always met with prompt thorough explanations, and I am completely grateful.

– Brandon W.

Late in January 2012 I was hit by a van on a bicycle coming home from work and my injuries were expensive. I called Mr. Goodman’s Office and immediately sent one of his staff to meet with me. The whole time I was receiving care Mr. Goodman kept me informed the entire time. Mr. Goodman in my eyes did a superior job. Not only did he receive a fair settlement but made sure all of my medical expenses were paid. He also helped direct me for funding in my dire need. I don’t think anyone could have done a fine job. I would recommend Mr. Goodman to all of my family and friends, thank you Mr. Goodman.

– Joseph K. – Arlington Heights, IL

I had a work accident and called Daniel Goodman’s office. Daniel Goodman is prompt to return my call to go over information. They sent out a gentleman to talk to me and take pictures of my bruises and cuts. Daniel Goodman and his staff are always available to you. They make you feel comfortable with your case.

Daniel Goodman works very hard to do the best he can – he works so hard for your benefit that he is constantly keeping you informed so you always know what’s going on. Promptly returns phone calls. This firm would be highly recommended. The staff was supportive and helpful.

– Thomas R. – Schaumburg, IL

I was referred to the Daniel Goodman Law firm by a friend, after I was involved in a serious semi-truck accident. It was Dan Goodman and Gary Klagas handle my case. I must say that I was very pleased with the way my case was handled.

They put their heart and soul into it and Dan and his staff kept me up to date with what was going on. Daniel Goodman’s staff are not only competent, but also very wonderful people. I would refer him and his Law Firm for any of their legal needs. And if the need ever arises again, I would definitely retain his services again.

– Richard S. – Burbank, IL

I first would like to state, I couldn’t have been more pleased than I am with this firm and the dedicated lawyers. My Attorneys Mark and Scott were dedicated and worked very hard on my cases as well as my settlement. I had a workman’s comp case and an automobile accident. I also have referred several friends and relatives to this office. Let me tell you tho sis a great firm, Mr. Goodman is a great Attorney as well as a person. I love this office because they are there for you, they fight for you and will do what it takes to help you. I am truly blessed to have them.

– Eileen T. – Des Plaines, IL

I can say that my experience with Daniel Goodman and his staff has been one experience that I wouldn’t pass on, meaning if anyone asked me if I knew of a great lawyer or a great law firm I would 100% send them here. The staff treats you like a human, and not like you’re just another case. The Law Firm of Daniel Goodman went above and beyond the call of duty to make me happy. Bottom line they all treat you like you belong. I knew I came to the right place and if needed I would be back in a heart beat.

Thank you.

P.S. They are just great people to do business with.

– William M.

I highly recommend the very professional and knowledgeable staff of the law offices of Daniel E. Goodman, when you are experiencing the need for a personal injury lawyer. Mr. Goodman works arduously to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injury. My case did not seem complex, but the other party who displayed gross negligence, had a battery of lawyers who seemed to prolong the resolution of the dispute. With Mr. Goodman’s persistence and determination, I received a fair and equitable settlement for my accident and physical injuries.

– Barry N. – Chicago, IL

To the Law Offices of Daniel E. Goodman, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Mr. Gary Klages representing my case. Through this whole process, he has been very patient and cooperative with me. He was always very kind to me, and whenever I talked to him either on the phone or in person, I could tell that he was genuine and really cared about my case, myself and most of all getting me the justice that I deserved. For that, I thank him and I will always refer not only Mr. Klages, but the Law Offices of Daniel E. Goodman. Once again, thanks for everything!

– Elenor M. – Chicago

I want to thank Mr. Dan Goodman and his staff for their exemplary care in regards to my case. They took their time to gather and make sure they were well informed and well prepared to represent me. I appreciated, and was very pleased with the forthright way in which my situation was well evaluated and explained to me during each step of the process, from our initial meeting to its conclusion. I will be recommending, and would recommend, Mr. Dan Goodman to anyone that may need any legal assistance. Thank you and your staff again for all your help.

– Frank K. – Des Plaines, IL

I Marvin Mosley, contend that the service provided by Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC was very ethical and rewarding. The attorney was professional in providing the information of the law that allowed the client to make an intelligent and informed decision. My attorney who handled this case was Terry M. Lachcik who provides services of the upmost standards. My rights of due process were not negated and equal protection of the law was adhered to. I would recommend this firm to friends and family.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service.

– Marvin M.

I contacted Attorney Dan Goodman for my slip and fall accident. I am writing this to highly recommend Dan Goodman to anyone seeking legal assistance. Dan and his entire staff were very professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Dan and his staff explained every aspect of my case to myself and my wife and made us feel at ease and under no pressure at all. I would say my overall experience was a good one. Dan helped me to receive a very fair settlement in my slip and fall case. Again, my thanks goes out to Dan and his entire staff.

– Richard M. – Hoffman Estates, IL

I would like to thank the offices of Daniel Goodman for their professionalism. My daughter found you in the yellow pages and decided to go with your company and I am grateful and thankful for her as well. I like how he explained my case to me and how well he kept me informed about the process of the case. He was very patient and worked very diligently to provide the justice that was deserved on my behalf. I definitely will refer your services to whom ever will need help locally. Thank you again for your services and hard work.

– Martha W. – Chicago, IL

Our son is disabled and was hurt on a bus ride home so we choose Mr. Daniel Goodman to take on our case. We were very satisfied with the results that we got from the case. Mr. Goodman and his staff got us the results we wanted and we are very pleased our case is over. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney that doesn’t give in to other attorneys he knows how to get what you are entitled to for your case if he can get more he will surely try. Thank you Mr. Daniel Goodman you are greatly appreciated.

– Chica G.

I’d like to thank the Law office of Daniel E. Goodman for all help they gave at such a trying time. Always keeping in contact with me, with every step that was taken, gave me a lot of comfort.

I appreciate how Daniel E. Goodman and everyone in the firm that was involved, (Scott Spiegel especially) for how hard they fought to bring me justice and being very kind along the way. If i ever know anyone that needs a lawyer I will definitely recommend Daniel E. Goodman. Thank you all for everything!

– Sara P. – Streamwood, IL

I would like to share my great experience on top class legal services from Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC. I had a very difficult and complicated legal dispute with Metra in 2012 – 2016 that 2 other legal affairs offices struggled with.

During that period I received very professional and top quality legal support. Daniel was very responsive and understood unique approach and efforts to get this difficult task accomplished.

I strongly recommend this office for any type of health / medical litigators.

– Kaziacera E. – Bartlett, IL

On December 17, 2011, I was a pedestrian hit by a moving vehicle. On or about December 20, 2012, I received the services of Daniel E. Goodman, LLC, 9701 Huggins Road, Rosemont, Illinois.

July 20, 2012, my case was settled. I am very pleased to have received Mr. Goodman as my attorney. He was on top of everything; he went after my case aggressively, handling it with diligence. I am very satisfied with his quick results.

I recommend him highly and would absolutely retain his services again.

– Lucy R. – Lombard, IL

My journey with the Goodman Law firm started the old fashion way, the yellow pages. I was impressed with the their ad, it just jumped out at me, and am glad that it did. Next you should know that Mr Goodman’s hard work and efforts are led and supported by THE LADY KNOWN TO ALL AS RED. She leads the way to an efficient office group, and other attorneys that were all very helpful with phone calls and messages. Thank you to everyone at the Goodman firm. I am thankful for our success. Will Gladly Recommend.

– Melvin E.

In doing business with Daniel E. Goodman Law Firm, I met with lawyers working for Attorney Goodman whom have all been very professional and ethical in regards to my accident case. I have nothing negative to say regarding this firm. They kept me abreast of how the case was going and also went over legal paperwork and was given copies of all matters that concerned me, and that I liked. Sometimes we want things to happen right away. But patience is the key. That is why we have lawyers to go to bat for us.

– Elzonia D. – Chicago

The Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman was the best. From the moment I came in the door the first time, they guided me on everything. They kept me informed every step of the way, and they were always very helpful for any questions or concerns and I never had to wait to talk to someone. Gary and Michelle are an awesome team. I have and will recommend this firm to anyone and everyone. The people here truly are the greatest, professional and know what they are doing. You are in good hands here.

– Stacy B. – West Portsmouth

My experience working with Dan Goodman and his team has been great. When I ran into issues after a fall and fractured my leg, I was very apprehensive about all the bills thrown at me. I reached out to Dan and his team and they took care of everything.

Everyone in the office is very professional and helpful. They all work with you and make sure you are taken good care of. I had a great experience and peace of mind. I would definitely recommend Dan Goodman and his team for legal advice.

– Hyder – Schaumburg, IL

From the time that I met Dan Goodman, he was a good attorney and helped me with everything. Dan was always available when I needed to talk to him about my case and he really fought hard for me and my case. He is a good attorney that I would always recommend to anyone looking for an attorney. He did a great job on my case. Mr. Goodman is always faithful with you when he talks to you and makes sure he does everything for your case. Thank you Mr. Goodman. I’ll always keep in touch with you.

– Marcus W.

My lawyer Scott did a phenomenal job. I didn’t feel things dragged on and his assistant Shelly was extremely nice and patient being as work pulled me out of state often. Their fee’s were more than fair and they asked my opinion on matters concerning the case. They did not settle for a ridiculous and unfair amount. They picked me up when I needed a ride to their office. I would not only recommend Scot to someone who may need him but if I ever needed a lawyer again I would call first.

– Robert V. – McHenry, IL

My experience with the Offices of Daniel Goodman and Associates has been very thoroughly a process of great work to help me heal physically and emotionally. Anytime I would call, there would always be someone there to speak to regarding my case. My attorney Daniel Flaherty has always kept me posted and looked out for my best interest. Very punctual and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone because of his time, patience and really caring about his clients.

– Loreen M. – Rosemont, IL

I called Dan Goodman after being hit by a car. He had an attorney come to downtown Chicago and meet with me to talk about how they could help me. Dan kept me informed throughout the process and within a year Dan Goodman successfully settled my case. Dan didn’t treat me like a client – he treated me like family. He is very supportive and caring. I have already referred a few friends to Dan and will continue to recommend him to others.

Thank you Dan.

– Najay J. – Chicago, IL

To begin with, it’s been a great pleasure working with the firm in resolving my case. A special thanks to (Vera Hill) for referring me to Dan. Overall, I can’t express how I feel right now, words can’t explain, but all praises goes up and I’m very grateful that my baby girl was born healthy and normal as well as my speedy recover, thanks to Dan for making this happen in a timely manner. Lastly, but not least, I would highly recommend this law firm to others.

– Rachel M. – Justice, IL

The Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman, LLC successfully fought for my rights in a very efficient and conscientious manner. Mr. Goodman, who was very knowledgeable of the law, kept me informed of progress on my case and clearly explained the process. He and his staff were extremely accommodating in scheduling appointments with me and giving me the time needed for my case. I would highly recommend Dan Goodman and his firm to those in need of legal advice.

– Jean M. – Chicago, IL

My experience was great. The insurance company tried to bully me and did not want to pay anything but $180. My attorney was able to get me thousands more than that. They kept me informed, were respectful, and professional. Also they handled everything in a timely matter which was very impressive. And finally I didn’t have to mess with medicare or medical bills, they took care of everything. I am very pleased Daniel Flaherty is the best.

– Carolyn P. – Hoffman Estates, IL

In the summer of 2009 I suffered major injuries in an accident while fishing at one of the park district facilities. During my hospitalization I contacted the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman. The next day a representative of Daniel E Goodman was by my side. From that day my case was handled very professionally and with concern for my welfare. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman.

– Vince B.

Well it started when I made that call to Daniel Goodman’s office. They were my second call. I was transferred to Gary K., the lawyer. He listened to my story and his feedback to me was very positive and up beat. I made the decision to meet with him regarding my case and signed up. I like Gary, straight to the point. The office hours are flexible. The office is very clean and organized. I would recommend Daniel Goodman’s office and Gary. Thank you.

– Rosemarie O. – Pingree Grove, IL

I would highly recommend Daniel Goodman Law Firm. I was awarded a very nice settlement for a foot injury. Everyone in the office was professional and courteous. My attorney Dan Flaherty was especially great at keeping me informed throughout the process. He was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I always felt he had my best interest. Thank you Dan Flaherty, Daniel Goodman, and all of the employees that worked hard on my case.

– Maryanne E. – Oak Park, IL

In 2012 I was searching through the yellow pages for an attorney. Daniel Goodman’s law firm stood out to me.

I contacted them and right away they took my case.

From 2012 to 2016 they worked for me and won my case for me.

Attorney Terry Lachcik was so positive during the process which kept me positive.

I appreciate honesty and integrity. I found that in this law firm.

I will recommend them to anyone. They are the best.

– Irma D. – Chicago, IL

I was looking for a law firm to assist me with my law suit due to a car accident I was in. After calling a few that I found online, the Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman were the most professional, organized, clear and willing to help. Once I came in for my first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. I was informed with every aspect along the way. I am pleased with the service of my attorney Daniel Flaherty and the outcome of my case.

– Regina C. – Des Plaines, IL

I had a great experience with Terry regarding my injury case. They explained everything to me in layman’s terms so that I understood how the process works and were quick to communicate with me and remedy any billing issues I had with the hospital after my procedure. I would be happy to recommend this law firm and its attorneys to friends and family if they are ever in an unfortunate situation that requires their legal attention.

– Nicole L.

Dan Goodman’s office treated us with respect and professionalism. We opted for mediation instead of a trial. Terry Lachcik went to bat for us and through his knowledge and expertise, he was able to get us a settlement amount that was way more substantial than we could have received on our own against the insurance company. We were extremely satisfied and would definitely use Dan Goodman’s firm again if the need ever arose.

– Bill G.

This was first experience dealing with a matter of this nature. The Law Office of Daniel Goodman explained the steps that needed to be taken at our initial meeting. That was extremely helpful to me. The lawyers kept me informed on a regular basis throughout this process. They were patient, seeing as thought I had a lot of questions, and very knowledgeable. I have confidence that they represented me well, in every way.

– Charita P.

I’m very happy with the service Dan Goodman provided. They met me at my home when I couldn’t make it into the office. Followed up promptly, never ignored me, answered every phone call. They also settled my case when I asked them to do so. All is well with the Law Office of Daniel Goodman. P.S. I picked them out of the phone book simply because we share the same first name and I’m not disappointed in the least bit.

– Daniel P. – Chicago, IL

This is a note of appreciation for the manner in which you handled my law suite to a successful conclusion. I particularly appreciated your frequent communication during the negotiations, keeping me apprised of the status quo.

The settlement was fair and I am totally pleased with your services. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm should the occasion arise. With kindest personal regards.

– Donald P. – Rolling Meadows, IL

The lawyers who handled my case, especially Mr. Terry Lachcik, were nice, respectful, and very professional. I am very satisfied and happy with the outcomes and results. Your lawyers and office took good care of me. I sure will recommend you to anybody who needs your type of services. Thank you Mr. Terry Lachcik and special thanks to Mr. Daniel Goodman who oversees and manages this office. Keep up the good work.

– Hossein H.

Mr. Goodman handled my car accident case. It was my first experience with an attorney and I am very thrilled with my choice. He did a great job for me. He was always there to answer my questions, and most important, he got me the best settlement possible. Mr. Goodman’s office support is very nice and always helpful. All I can say is a big THANK YOU to Mr. Goodman and will definitely recommend him in the future.

– Grazyna S. – Park Ridge, IL

I was very impressed with your firm. Jack Shapiro handled my case very professionally. He did so in a very timely manor. He negotiated a settlement more than I expected. Thanks for all your help Jack.

I found this firm out of the phonebook, best decision I made.

If ever needed again I will certainly contact your firm. I would also recommend your firm to anyone who needs your service.

Thank you.

– Mary M.

My experience with this firm was beyond great. The staff was very professional and very nice. Whenever I called all messages were returned promptly. My attorney Scott Spiegel worked very hard on my case and never once gave up on me, very professional, honest, and he does his job very well. I highly recommend this firm, I would use them over and over again if needed. Thank you for all you do.

– Tawania S. – Maywood, IL

On the 17th of May 2013, I fell and hurt my back, knee, and wrist. I went to Daniel Goodman, and he and his associates were friendly. I had explained to him what had happen and I am very pleased to say he made sure my medical bills and doctors were paid and made sure I was fairly compensated. I would recommend Mr. Daniel Goodman for anyone that needs a personal injury lawyer for legal assistance.

– Cathleen J. – Chicago, IL

In my first initial visit to the office I was greeted as though I was a long lost relative that had been missed. I found the staff to be very manner able and professional. My overall experience with the law firm is one of which I would highly recommend to anyone. I felt that I was treated fairly and that that attorney representing me worked very hard to insure me a fair settlement.

– Loureatha C.

I have to say, Dan Goodman has worked so well with me that if my family or I have any problems in the future we will be sure to give Dan a call. I recommend Dan to anyone looking for a great attorney, Dan is the Man to Call!!! He was not only my attorney but worked with me as a friend not just a client. Truly I can’t say enough about Dan’s law firm that I could not put in words.

– Robert S. – Justice, IL

The service and care I received from the office of Daniel E. Goodman was the best. They care about your well being and getting you what you deserve for your injury. What I liked the most is that even though I knew they were busy, anytime you needed any information they were available to answer any question. I didn’t get lost in the system. Thanks Phil Rehani! Thanks for all your help!

– Sheila T. – Chicago, IL

Mr. Goodman was very professional and handled my case with care and concern. He promptly returned calls and answered questions quickly and accurately. Throughout the legal process, I was guided with my best interests in mind. When visiting the law office, I was always greeted by Mr. Goodman himself, even if it was just a quick visit. Thank you Mr. Goodman for your services.

– Wayne W.

I had a great experience working with this firm, I had been in an accident and was not sure how to go about the lawsuit. My father’s lawyer recommended I go see Dan Goodman. We talked about the accident for some time in his office. Then, 8 months later, he reached a settlement with the insurance and I was paid shortly after that. This was great…like great. Dan’s the man!

– Sava K. – Schaumburg, IL

Had a great experience with your firm. Everyone was very helpful and always returned phone calls in a short period of time.

I’ve had past experiences with other firms with no one ever returning phone calls, and it would take forever to get in touch with someone much less any answers. Thank you for everything.

I was very pleased with my experience with your firm.

– Matthew W.

I was a victim of a hit and run on my way to work. I talked to my friend about a good attorney and he referred me to the law office of Daniel Goodman. I had a wonderful experience with all the staff. Amy specifically took great good care of me very diligent with my case.

In the future if need be I will definitely return to this law office for assistance.

– Sandra G. – Chicago, IL

My experience with the firm was fantastic. They are very nice people and always kept me informed on how my case was going. Communication was the key factor. Keeping me informed was the best feeling, knowing they were looking out for me. Thank you for your kindness and your service. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family. Thank you!

– Gail M.

My questions were always answered in a timely fashion. The staff was pleasant and respectful. The lawsuit was handled professionally and in a timely way. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, and I would recommend the Law Office of Daniel Goodman to friends, family, co-workers or anyone who asked if I knew a good personal injury attorney.

– Kurt B. – Lake In The Hills, IL

I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Flaherty, Attorney at Law for all the hard work and dedication. Mr. Flaherty gave full attention to my case and I was very impressed by the communication he help with me. I would recommend Daniel Goodman’s Law Firm and Mr. Flaherty to be excellent attorneys. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Amanda B. – Addison, IL

I think Atty. Lachcik did a very good job of working and making follow-ups on my claim against the other insurance company. He took the patience of explaining the whole process and other details with me.

I would certainly recommend this law office whenever I have the chance.

I’m very grateful and thank Atty. Lachcik for the wonderful job.

– Edgardo Q.

It was a pleasure working with Amy on my case. Your office in general was AWESOME. From me calling in and the operator transferring my call was AWESOME. Let’s not forget my nephew who referred me to this law firm. (Joe G.)

After all is said and done, I am very happy with my ending results.

I will highly recommend your firm in the future.

– Laura G.

My experience working with Mr. Daniel Flaherty is excellent. It is a pleasure to have his service. He always was happy helping me with everything. He worked real hard to win this case. He always answers my questions and also very good to return my phone calls. He is an excellent lawyer. I am real happy. Thank you for everything.

– Eleticia T. – Park Ridge, IL

Almost a year ago I was in a car accident. The recovery was long and painful. I ended up with a lot of medical bills even though I had medical insurance. My son put me in contact with Daniel E Goodman. Mr. Goodman made sure that I will not have any medical bills to pay.

Thank you very much for your professionalism and for the hard work.

– Carolina G. – Chicago, IL

My wife and I were very satisfied with your firm handling of my case. You were very kind and express a great deal of concern that let me know I was in good hands. You responded to my calls in a timely matter. I would definitely refer a family member or friend to your law firm. Very pleased you represented me and really appreciate it.

– Harold G. – Chicago, IL

From the moment I called this law office, I knew I made the right choice. I was lucky enough to have Amy help me out with my case, and I am without a doubt happy with how everything turned out. My mind was always at ease, I had full trust in everything with Amy, and I will definitely recommend to anyone who needs.

Thanks you!

– Mariam G.

Thank you very much for handling my care. You and your staff have been fantastic and have helped me countless times during this legal process. From the beginning you kept me informed as to the status of the case, knowing where we stand has been invaluable. The monies I received from the settlement will benefit my family greatly.

– Mike M.

Mr. Goodman did a beautiful job in handling my case. Every time I called the office to get information, the office was always helpful and when I received the papers from other attorneys, Mr. Goodman advised me what to do. There was a time when I called in, they gave me all the information I needed. I’m happy with my experience.

– Raymond C. – Chicago, IL

Dan Goodman and Gary Klagas are amazing and wonderful people with a big heart and lots of knowledge. He helped me with my case when I wore a defective product. Nobody thought it was a good case. I brought it to the Law Office of Daniel Goodman and we won our case without goint to court and the case was international!

– Anna B.

My case was long and difficult. I want to thank Gary and Michelle for all the hard work they put into getting me the best offer and making me feel comfortable from day one.

The law office of Daniel E Goodman has a good team of attorneys and I’ll be glad to tell my friends to talk to them if they have any kind of injury.

– Jeffery N. – Nashville, TN

I must say Mark was upfront with everything! he gained my trust in the firm. I would recommend this firm to anyone. His assistant Shelly is awesome. I believe I got on her nerve but you couldn’t tell, she took care of my concerns and there were some, being new to things. So thank all o you for your hard work on my behalf!

– Robert M.

My experience working with your firm was great. Dan Flaherty kept in touch with me. Updating me on court dates and any changes with my case. He was very respondant to my call and needs. All of the stuff was very helpful when I called. I want to Thank You All for what you do.

Keep up the good work.

– Theresa H. – Chicago, IL

The experience that I had working with the firm was great. Everybody was friendly and professional at the same time. They will always contact us on how everything in the case is going. And they are always prepared and organized with our case. Overall the experience was great and well organized with our case. Thank you.

– Maron G. – Glenview, IL

I give all respect to the law office of Daniel E. Goodman and his team. I was privileged to have Scott as my lawyer and was happy with the outcome of the case. With no problem you call the Law Office and there secretary attends you with respect. I definitely will refer the law firm to people that need help.

– Luis S. – Chicago, IL

Three words to describe my experience Professional, Strong, Confident. My case wasn’t a clear cut easy situation. I was completely satisfied how the office got the job done and having compelling representation. Having someone who could get results and go all in to get behind your case makes a difference.

– Marvin G. – Des Plaines, IL

My experience with Dan Flaherty and the law offices of Dan Flaherty and the Law Offices of Daniel Goodman have overall been a positive one. I’m very pleased with the staff and the services you offer. Thank you for providing great work, positive experience. I will keep you in mind for future references.

– Kimber T. – Des Plaines, IL

I found that from the attorneys to the office help, everyone was courteous and helpful. I was and am grateful for the work and help from Dan Goodman. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of help. Thank you to attorney Gary Klages, Michelle for the great job done and keeping me well informed.

– Debbie L. – Wheeling, IL

Thanks to Goodman LLC for pursuing my claims through Allstate and Esurance. Thought Allstate paid poorly, Goodman LLC pursued claim with my Esurance via my under insured motorist protection and got me a reasonable, surprising amount. Thank you all for you expertise and thank you Scott for your optimism.

– Peace E. – Oak Park, IL

I worked with this law firm for over a year. It has been a wonderful experience. Everyone that I encountered or came in contact with his been very nice and friendly. They are dedicated, timely, and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied as a client. I definitely recommend this law firm!!

– Cory W. – Arlington Heights, IL

I will always refer Mr. Daniel Goodman to anyone searching for a personal injury attorney. They have always kept me well informed with everything that was going on with my case. Mr. Goodman did a swell job in lowering my bills and getting the most I can for my case. Thank you very much.

– Marczin L. – Burbank, IL

With few words, I just want to say a big thank you! – to Mr. S. Spiegel and his assistant Shelly.

I was blessed to have you in my case, you did a great job, you are amazing people and if I need some people like you in the future, definitely I’ll call you!

Thank you, Mr. Spiegel and Shelly!

– Agnes

I had a great experience working with Gary Klages and his assistant, Michelle, at the Law Office of Daniel Goodman. Everyone was very knowledgable and helpful. They always returned phone calls and answered my questions. And most importantly, worked hard to get me a fair settlement. Thank you!

– Stacie S. – Chicago, IL

I had an excellent experience with Daniel E. Goodman’s office. Every time I called if my attorney was busy or away they would call me right away. They explained everything in detail, they made sure I understood everything. I would definitely recommend. I am very satisfied with their services.

– Rosa L.

I was very pleased with the Law Office of Daniel Goodman. My accident case was handled professionally and speedily by Mr. Goodman and staff. I was always able to reach Mr. Goodman. My calls were always returned and I received a fair settlement. I would highly recommend Mr. Goodman’s office.

– Rosalie S. – Morton Grove, IL

My name is Michael M. I am a client of Dan Goodman. Dan Goodman has been a fantastic lawyer. He is very kind and very informative. He has gotten me a settlement that has changed me and my family’s life forever. I would recommend Dan to anyone who needs a lawyer. He is tops in my book.

– Michael M.

I’ve always had a good experience with the Law Office of Dan Goodman. over the years his firm has represented my family for various reasons.

His firm has made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to represent me with my best interest in mind.

Highly recommended.

– Yvette

Thank you Mr. Daniel Flaherty for your service and for everything you have helped with in this case.

Also Thank you Mr. Daniel Goodman for your firm, especially Mr. Flaherty, he is an excellent attorney who makes a difference with everything he has done to help me.

– Oscar R. – Palatine, IL

The service was great and the offices of Daniel E. Goodman are going to update you on your case, to give you the best advice and to work for you. I really recommend their service, if you had an accident, work injury, etc. this will be the #1 spot, to get your case solved.

– Neiman Q. – Chicago, IL

I found this firm very dependable. Everyone was very nice and the lawyer who handled my case always kept me informed to what was going on and always returned my calls in a timely manner. I am very pleased with this firm and would recommend them to anyone looking for a lawyer.

– Charlotte M. – Chicago IL

My experience is truly unremarkable – the law firm is very professional, courteous and trustworty. It is highly recommended that this law firm is recognized for there outstanding performance in practicing law. I also appreciate everyone that works at the law firm.

– Vivian B. – Chicago, IL

I am very satisfied with Daniel E. Goodman’s services. I was informed of every step that was being taken and settling my case.

Thank you Mr. Flaherty for your fast and friendly service. I would absolutely recommend your firm to my friends and relatives.

– Mubashar K. – Des Plaines, IL

The office really helped me out when I was hurt and didn’t want to go through my own insurance. It was a long process but the outcome was very rewarding. Finally feeling 100% and have no bills to pay from getting me better. Great experience, everyone is very friendly.

– Tiffany B.

Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC did well in resolving my case. Scott is a wonderful person. I am so happy we had Scott as our lawyer. We will contact the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman and attorney Scott in the future for any legal issue that may arise.

– Helen S. – Chicago, IL

I was satisfied with the service of D. Goodman office, especially with Michelle and Mr. Klages. They did an excellent job on my case and if I ever have another case, I would gladly let Mr. Klages and Michelle handle it. Thank you very much for your time and service.

– Luis D. – Chicago, IL

When I retained the Law Office of Daniel Goodman to represent my case, I was very pleased to see the immediate attention that Mr. Goodman and Scott Spiegel had concerning my lawsuit. I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Mr. Goodman to anyone.

– Michelle D. – Chicago, IL

Shelly is the greatest. She was very helpful to me and she very fast on the computer. Scott Spiegel is very reliable. He’s been really helpful to work with. He is a very smart man. I have never met anyone like Mr. Goodman, he’s simply the greatest lawyer ever.

– Scott C. – Wheeling, IL

Our experience with Mr. Goodman’s firm was very easy. We were involved in an auto accident. He immediately contactacted the necessary people to start our process, always looking out for our best interest. He and his staff always kept us informed.

– Jose G. – Carpentersville, IL

Your firm was recommended to me by my cousin, John T. At first, I wasn’t interested in filing a claim because I was grateful that my son nor myself was injured. But as time passed by I realized that I was hurt. I did not do any work, this was really easy.

– Barbara H.

Working for the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman was the best choice I ever made. They helped me settle my case fast and get what I deserved. I can’t thank them enough. Everyone was so nice and well rounded and made me feel at home. Thank you guys so much!!

– Devin J.

I was involved in a car accident where I was injured and luckily I had Daniel Goodman to represent me as my attorney. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would most definitely refer Daniel Goodman to my family and friends.

– Alexa M. – Chicago, IL

Mr Goodman,
Thanks to your effort following an unfortunate accident, I received a
settlement that helped change the direction of my life. I appreciate you Mr
Goodman, and I appreciate the associates of the Law Office of Dan Goodman.
Love and peace.

– Dennis K. – Vernon Hills, IL

In April 2014 I had a car accident and went out injured and I contacted attorney Daniel Goodman and took over my case and guided me through the process. Pay my hospital bills and take home a compensation.

Thank you Daniel Goodman and Gary W. Klages.

– Carmen V. – Prospect Heights, IL

I have had a good experience with Daniel Goodman Law Firm. Very good service, hard working and committed lawyer’s including Mr. Daniel’s assistants. I would say there devoted and committed to there job. Thank you for the service you offered.

– Brenda C. – Chicago, IL

About 3yrs ago I visited Dan Goodman because I was involved in a motorcycle accident. He took care of my case very well, always on top of my case and I got fairly compensated. I would recommend Dan Goodman to everyone who needs a great attorney.

– Victor C. – Chicago, IL

I want to thank Mr. Daniel E Goodman and his law firm for helping me with handling my case. Everybody that works in the law firm are very professional. Also, during the whole case they were well organized and one top of everything with the case.

– Fernendo G. – Glenview, IL

Thank you for all your help on settling the case you guys explained everything by details. I would definitely recommend anybody that is looking for a lawyer to go to your office. I give five stars to you guys, thank you very much.

– Junior F. – Chicago, IL

I am so happy with the services I had at the office of Daniel E Goodman. Everyone in the office was extremely nice and got back to you promptly if you had any questions. I would gladly recommend this law office to my family and friends.

– Carissa B.

Referred to DEG by a friend. Had nothing but pleasant experience. Staff was perfect, 5-star. I would recommend Daniel Goodman I was always taken care of. The outcome of the case was favorable and I am satisfied with the settlement.

– Dionisi A. – Bloomingdale, IL

My first experience with Daniel Goodman was very satisfying. He helped alot, very understanding, and considerate. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Everyone was very courteous and helpful in his office.

– Penny M. – Chicago, IL

I am delighted with the service I received from Mr. Gary W. Klages, an attorney at law. I did not worry about calling him every minute to update the case. He calls me to let me know everything. I love him. May God bless him. Amen.

– Joy H. – Evanston, IL

The Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman LLC was very much a great help for me. I was hit by a car on my bicycle and suffered a few injuries. They helped me in a very professional and timely way. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Adam K. – Northbrook, IL

Daniel Goodman was very knowledgeable and informative in helping me with my case. Daniel was able to get a very substantial settlement for my case. I would highly recommend him for my friends if they are in need of counsel.

– Lyndon Y. – Glendale Heights, IL

I have had the best experience working with this law firm, especially Daniel Flaherty. He is a great lawyer. This is the second time I have used this firm. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a good attorney.

– Tina C. – Plainfield, IL

Working with Daniel Goodman Law and Daniel Flaherty was a good experience. I would highly recommend this firm. They are very honest upfront from the beginning of the process till the end. Thank you for all the hard work!

– Veronica A. – Chicago, IL

As a client of Daniel Goodman Law Office, I am very satisfied with their representation and handling of my case and recommend anyone who is looking for a good firm to get what you’re expecting out of such representation.

– James B. – Chicago, IL

Working with Daniel Goodman was a good experience. Working with Gary was also a good experience and Michelle was wonderful and she did everything she said she was going to do. Daniel E Goodman’s firm met my expectations.

– Michael L.

Everything went smoothly from the start of the claim till the end. I would highly recommend this firm to my family and friends. If I ever need their services in the near future, I will definitely use them again!

– Jennifer S. – South Elgin, IL

I am totally pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail that was provided by attorney Klages and his staff. I would highly recommend the firm of attorney Goodman to anyone needing legal services!

– Hampton S. – South Holland, IL

I think Gary and Michelle were very helpful in making sure all necessary paperwork was taken care of promptly. I appreciate Michelle’s communication and Gary’s explanation to all my questions and frustrations.

– Diane M.

We are just one of your clients who just want to say….thanks so much for handling our case with superb, excellent services!! We will definitely recommend you to all our friends to handle their legal issues.

– Rudy and Gloria D. – Glendale Heights, IL

Need a lawyer ? Stop look know further, you have found the best! Daniel Goodman and his law firm are phenomenal. Great people, Great service, They know how to get the job done. Thanks for everything.

– Scott A. – Alsip, IL

Everyone was polite and always on time. The explanations were clear and concise. We were always kept informed about what was happening on the case. It took a long time but we were satisfied with the outcome.

– Dorothy M.

My case was worked by Amy Harriman. From the beginning Amy assured that everything would be taken care of. Amy made this process worry free and I would recommend the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman to anyone.

– Cristhian J.

Mr. Goodman, my lawyer, had been very thorough and very helpful with all the details of my case. I am very much satisfied with the results and would gladly refer him to all my friends. Thank you so much!!!

– Juliet S.

My experience was actually a great experience. I learned a little law, and experienced a luxury office. I love you guys’ office. The timing was just in time. Other than that, I think you guys are awesome.

– Ava G.

Very polite also answer all my questions nicely. You also got my check quickly. You also explain everything clearly where I could understand you promptly. You got back to me with any questions.

– Victoria B. – Palatine, IL

I was quite pleased with how my case was handled. Questions I needed answered were handled very well. Hope my case continues to move along quickly as it’s been almost two and a half years since I fell.

– Darlene L. – Melrose Park, IL

I have used Daniel E Goodman Attorney at Law for my lawsuit and have found him very reliable, they always return your call. I would use his firm again for any legal matter, we are very happy with him.

– Robert G.

Professional and a joy to deal with. As I encounter people who would require this type of legal suit, I will direct them to the Law Offices of Daniel E. Goodman. Job well done guys & girls.

– Jason S. – Roselle, IL

Happy with Gary Klages and how he handled my accident case. He was very prompt with returning calls and calling me on any developments in the case. The case was settled and happy with the outcome.

– Charlotte A.

I am very happy. They always called me to let me know what was going on. I am satisfied with the settlement I received. I have recommended the law office to my friends and I would use them again.

– Czeslaw C. – Bartlett, IL

I would like to thank the law firm of Daniel E Goodman LLC, and the other attorneys that helped out on my case. I think that case was fair and all the money he helped me win was well appreciated.

– Anthony B. – Broadview, IL

I am very pleased to come to the Daniel E Goodman law office. They treat you very well and I got the money fast, for my settlement.

I will surely come back and or tell others of this law firm.

– William K.

It was a friendly experience with good friendly people. I felt like I was taken care of at all times. I would definitely recommend to a friend or family member. Thank you all for all the help.

– Ricarde M. – Elgin, IL

Dan F. was a great attorney. He told me everything I needed to know! He is fun to work with. I told everyone if they needed an attorney to call him. He has done everything he says.

– Dean S. – Hanover Park, IL

I was very happy with the way everything was handled. They made it easier to deal with the Insurance Companies. I would recommend that you would go with this company, very helpful.

– Robert C. – Round Lake, IL

I’m very pleased with Daniel Flaherty as my attorney. He keeps you up to date on what is happening. If I ever need a lawyer again he will be the first one I call. I’m very happy.

– Lori B.

The Law Office did well by resolving my case. Scott is a wonderful person. I am so happy we had Scott as our lawyer. We will contact him in the future for any legal issues that may arise.

– H.S.

I, Thomas Baireh, have been working with the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman. They have been outstanding in their work, representing, etc.

P.S. – I think they stand with the best.

– Thomas B.

I feel that Mr. Goodman did everything he could for me. He kept me updated on my case the whole time. And over all he is a very nice man. I would recommend him to anyone.

– Daniel E. – Wheaton, IL

My experience at Daniel E Goodman was very pleasant and friendly by all. Staff kept a warm smile and greeting each time I had the pleasure to visit the office.

Thank you!

– Antrice C. – Streamwood, IL

The experience I’ve had using this law firm was pleasant. My phone calls were always returned and the time frame was wonderful I would recommend everyone to this law firm.

– Tawana L. – River Grove, IL

Again I called the law office of Daniel E Goodman and he settled my case when things were looking rough. He didn’t back down, he got me the win I needed. Thank you again.

– Najay J.

I loved dealing with this law firm. Everyone is wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, expert yet professional! These are the people to help with your personal injury case!

– Gail G. – Schaumburg, IL

My experience with this firm is very positive. Everyone was polite and the diligence and expertise of Terry Lachcik was exceptional. Thank you for representing me.

– W. Mocny

My attorney, Dan Goodman was so wonderful! He kept in contact with me throughout the case, explained everything so I could understand and obtained a great result!

– Janice L. – Wheeling, IL

Flaherty was attentive to my case, I always felt well informed in regards to my case. Any time I had questions he always made sure to respond promptly via email.

– Priscilla F. – Chicago, IL

Glenn and the staff at this office were very courteous and helpful. They worked diligently to get my claim settled.

Thank you all so much for your assistance.

– Rose S.

I was very well informed about every step of my case. He was available anytime I had any questions. I feel as if he fought for what was best for me.

– Elizabeth C.

Just a quick note to say thanks to Dan Flaherty for the great job he did representing me and getting both of my cases settled so quickly.

– Debbie S.

Dan stayed in touch with me through out the entire process. I was updated as things occurred and was please with the services provided.

– Bill B. – Skokie, IL

I want to thank you and Daniel Flaherty for your work and accomplishments in my case. Thank you for the results and professionalism.

– Mrs. Raudelle N.

Very accommodating and courteous – good explanations of details. Dan Flaherty always kept me informed on the progress of the case.

– Thomas P. – Rosemont IL

To the attorney of Goodman office I appreciate you helping me. I appreciate your service and will recommend you to others that need help.

– Yolanda B.

Dan Goodman is a consummate professional. He took my case when others would not and won! He is aggressive, honest and a winner!

– Jacob B. – Northbrook, IL

Thank you for the positive way of taking care of my situation. I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you for your help.

– Kryzstof K.

I am very happy that I chose the right law office for my case. I rate them excellent. Thanks for the good service you gave me.

– Norberta S. – Hoffman Estates, IL

I am pleased with the services. They handled everything and are very professional and help in any questions or concerns you may have.

– Linda M. – Niles, IL

The services provided by the law firm were very professional and I was informed about everything that was happening during the claim.

– Anna G. – Prospect Heights, IL

Mr. Flaherty is great. On a scale of 1-10 Mr. Flaherty is an (11). If I had any other problems I want him and only him..

– Harold S. – Rolling Meadows, IL

I’m very happy with the outcome of my case. I’m also very pleased with the law firm of Daniel E Goodman. I will recommend people.

– Tony G.

It’s been a long four years and several attorneys later my case is finally settled thanks to the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman.

– Santiago P.

Everyone was very nice and friendly, they worked efficiently and met my expectations. Thank you for everything you did for me.

– Karla

Everything went ok. Scott Spiegel is a good attorney and I would come back if I ever needed him again. Happy with settlement.

– Juan A. – Chicago, IL

Everyone was nice and friendly, they worked efficacy and met my expectations. Thank you for everything you did for me.

– Karla G.

Hard working firm.
Gets the job done.
Always returns calls.
Wins as much as possible.
Great lawyer Terry Lachcik.

– B. H.

I’m very happy with the service of Goodman Law. I will highly recommend to my community, especially Gary Klages.

– Geradro S. – Wilmette, IL

I am very satisfied with the services I received. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.

– Crystal E. – Lake Villa, IL

My experience was good overall. I was kept in the loop on the progress and I would use their services again.

– Tamiko P.

I would like to thank everyone for their kindness. We appreciate all the work on our case.

Thanks again.

– Kathleen H. – Evanston, IL

Great firm, thank you! I would like to thank Michelle for being so kind to me. Very nice lady.

– Linda G. – Mount Prospect, IL

I would like to thank Mr. Daniel E Goodman, he is the best in town! He did a good job for me..

– Josue C. – Prospect Heights, IL

Gary Klages went above and beyond what most attorneys would have done for me. I highly recommend him.

– Rhoda S. – Palatine, IL

My experiences with this law firm was great. Everything went smooth from beginning to end.

– Pamela E. – Norridge, IL

We are pleased with your services. We are grateful with the truth and help given. Thank you!

– Rasalie C.

I have a well informed relationship with Dan Goodman’s firm. I’m very pleased with them.

– John G. – Elmwood Park, IL

Working with Terry has been a pleasure. I feel he is doing everything he can for my case.

– Bob J. – Franklin Park, IL

I was satisfied with the experience of working with the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman.

– Dale K.

Thank you for your time and effort! I truly appreciate you handling my case for me.

– Elena F.

I am happy with the attorneys in this office. Phillip W. Rehani was very helpful.

– Bill A. – Park Ridge, IL

I am happy with your service you did for me. Thank you very much.

– Bahary B. – Des Plaines, IL

I’m very well pleased with D. Goodman Law Firm. I highly recommend them.

– Katherine R.

My attorney made good effort on my case and I appreciate his effort!

– Man L.

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend.

– Christina P. – Park Ridge, IL

My experience with law office of Dan Goodman overall very good.

– Khalid K. – Justice, IL

Felt you had done a excellent job.

– Olga M.

Felt you had done a excellent job.

– Olga M.

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