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How much does it cost to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

You can retain our firm for your Personal Injury case on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman will collect our fees when your case is settled or tried to verdict from the proceeds of the compensation we secure for you . This allows you to hire a personal injury attorney without having to pay any upfront fees.

What if I am seriously injured? Should I wait until I have recovered to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

No, you should hire a Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible. The insurance company representing the person at fault for the accident will immediately begin their investigation. Unfortunately, if you wait too long, valuable evidence to your case may be lost, and this may affect the amount you will be compensated. By hiring a Personal Injury attorney you will be protecting your legal rights and they can immediately begin investigation on your behalf, by preserving any physical evidence, taking photos of the accident scene, your vehicle, locating and interviewing witnesses, and making photo documentation of your injuries and recovery process.

When should I hire a Personal Injury attorney?

You should retain a Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

I am hospitalized or homebound and I cannot get to your offices, what should I do?

If necessary, when a client cannot get to our offices, we will arrange for one of our personal injury attorneys to come to you.

My best friend/relative/boyfriend was the driver and I was the passenger in an accident they caused, I feel bad that if I seek to be compensated for my injuries I will be hurting them.

Your friend/relative/boyfriend has insurance that they pay premiums for. If you decide not to seek compensation for your injuries, the only party that benefits is the insurance company representing them.

I need to come in to your office and I cannot get there before 5:00 pm or after 9:00 am. What should I do?

At the Law Offices of Daniel E Goodman, we recognize that some our clients have schedules that prohibit them from coming in during normal business hours, in those cases we will stay late or come in early, when necessary, to meet with our clients.

Do I need an attorney to handle my Personal Injury claim?

Yes, the insurance company that represents the person at fault for the accident will have a team of experienced attorneys, investigators and adjusters working to attempt to minimize any compensation you receive. You need an experienced Personal Injury Attorney working for you to help ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

What is the contingency fee that the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman charges?

The majority of our cases are 33 1/3% contingency fee.

Can I fire my present attorney and hire your firm?

If you are not happy with your current representation, you can hire another attorney at anytime without incurring any additional costs or fees.

Why should I hire The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, to handle my Personal Injury case?

There are many excellent reasons why you should retain The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, to handle your Personal Injury claim. We care about our clients. We are experienced, aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys. Over 30 years we have handled over 1500 personal injury cases, helping our clients to receive the maximum compensation for their injuries. A large number of our clients have been referred by previous clients, which is a testament to the level of confidence our clients have in our firm. We communicate with our clients to update them on the progress of their case, and we also believe when you call us, you should be able to speak with someone, we do not have or use voice mail in our office. When you call the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, you will reach a human being, not an automated touchtone system. We are diligent, detailed, and professional personal injury attorneys. We treat all of our clients with the same level of professionalism and dedication, from our smallest personal injury cases to our largest. We are well acquainted with the specific details of each and every case we handle and ensure that every client receives the maximum compensation for their injuries.

If you have recently been injured in any type of accident and you want to ensure that your legal rights are protected, you can contact our office, by calling 847-292-6000 for a free, no obligation consultation.

I know a divorce lawyer, can’t he handle this type of case?

You could hire any lawyer licensed to practice in Illinois, but not all lawyers have the training, and trial experience that we have at The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman. We always represent our clients’ best interests. If you needed heart surgery, would you rather have it done by a cardiologist who is a specialist in heart conditions or a podiatrist who specializes in feet? While both are doctors, the cardiologist has the training and experience you need for your particular medical treatment. We believe the same is true for lawyers, especially when you need a personal injury lawyer in Illinois. The divorce lawyer that prepared your divorce may not have the personal injury experience that is necessary to ensure your legal rights are protected and that your receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Is there a minimum personal injury settlement amount?

No, there is no minimum or maximum settlement amount. The amount of a settlement in a personal injury case depends on lots of factors and the circumstances of each individual case, including:

  • The nature and extent of the injury,
  • The amount of economic damages (such as lost wages and medical bills)
  • The amount of time the injury is expected to last
  • Pain and suffering
  • Affect on Personal Relationships (loss of consortium)

The person who hit me does not have insurance, there’s nothing I can do to be compensated for damages to my vehicle and injuries I sustained.

While there are still drivers on the road who either are uninsured or underinsured (meaning they are in accident where they cause injuries and damages which exceed the limits on their liability policies), this does not mean you cannot seek compensation. We can check your policy for uninsured/underinsured coverage. Further, we will investigate to ascertain if the person who caused the your damages or injuries has assets that can be accessed to compensate you for injuries they caused.

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